A Beginners Guide to Understanding SEO

Do you have an online business which is not performing as expected, getting low traffic or not able to be seen in Search Engine results page? If so, you will need to optimize it for search engines. Undertaking search engine optimization will not only make your site visible in SERP but will also help you get more traffic, increase your conversion rate and build an online brand.

SEO which stand for Search Engine Optimization or Zoekmachine Optimalisatie in Dutch language, is a form of online marketing where one uses several techniques and strategies to have a particular website rank higher in the Search engine results page. As a novice, some of the best ways to undertake SEO for beginners are discussed herein.

Ensure you create high quality valuable and unique content for your website. Search engines place more emphasis on helpful content and will rank websites with helpful content highly in search engines. Your content must have a natural flow as it is meant for human readership and not search engine bots.

To ensure your content is able to be found in search engines, you will have to undertake a comprehensive and in-depth keyword research. This will help you identify short and long tails keyword that people are using while searching for information in search engines. Any relevant keywords identified must be placed naturally in the content and not stuffed.

After ensuring all you content is okay, you will have to optimize your website structure. Having an optimized web structure will help your website load faster, be customer friendly and also rank highly in search engines. To achieve this, you will first check your site navigation and ensure it follows a tree like structure to make it easier and faster for users to find any information they are searching.

Create a well-optimized landing page to increase traffic and ensure high conversion rate and reduction in website bounce rate. To optimize URL, you will be required to shorten any long URLs, redirect those with errors and remove bad URLs.

Having a sitemap is the best way to help search engines easily find and crawl your content. Additionally, it is also important that you provide titles to your pages to enable search engines understand what they are all about. Changing meta descriptions will help improve clickability of your webpages in search results like what Yelp SEO companies in Belgium do (see the image below).A little YELP from my friends

Another Search engine strategy that you will have to undertake as a beginner to get higher ranking is link building. Link building entails getting other websites to provide a link to your website. Link building is very important as search engines determine the credibility of a site by the number and quality of the site linking to it. Effective legal link building strategies you can use include guest posting, creating free content, using directories and creating quality content that other websites find important to link to.

With many people today using their mobile phones to access the internet, it is important for your online venture to rank highly in mobile search engines results. This can only be achieved by creating a mobile friendly website which is user-friendly.

As a beginner, it is important to understand that undertaking Search engine optimization is not a one-time affair but it takes patience to begin noticing the improvement in Search engine rankings. To effectively optimize your site, you will need several optimization tools. Please visit the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-D2-luHSghU taken from Aalst to know more about the hottest topic in Internet marketing.

How to Get Free Website Traffic

If your website makes money using advertising, you have probably wondered if you can get free website traffic to increase your income. Well, the good news is that you can, but it will be harder than you think to turn that free traffic into paying customers.

Traffic Exchange

traffic exchangeTraffic exchange services will send traffic to your website, but the traffic will be only loosely targeted, if at all. This means that you could be sending traffic to your website that does nothing other than consume server resources and drag down your CTR (click through rate). In the long term, this will likely reduce the amount that advertisers are willing to pay for traffic to your website.

If you are determined to use a free traffic source, pick one that targets by country at the very least, and ideally by broad interest group too. This will make life a lot easier for you, and stop advertisers becoming suspicious about the quality of your traffic.

Consider backing up your traffic exchange with a free social media campaign to draw in as much traffic as possible. Social media is particularly good for reaching people who have a clear interest in your company’s products.

Discover how you can get free traffic from Diego Smith blog and boost your company’s CTR.

Is The Digital Product Blueprint Worth Using?

Everybody’s talking about this course which was created by Eben Pagan, which aims to teach digital marketing to a wider audience. It covers a lot of aspects of how to design, create, market and distribute digital products to help you make money. It is called the Digital Product Blueprint.

Tight budget?

Tight budget?

With the training that Eben prepared for his customers, you can learn skills for promoting products on a tiny budget, as well as how to spend your marketing budget more effectively once you build one up. The blueprint covers finding your niche, creating the product and marketing the product in the most efficient way. It is a step by step guide which allows even a relative beginner who is working out of their home in their spare time to make a successful and interesting product.

DPB is not a magic money making machine; you will still need to work hard on marketing yourself – but it is a good option for people who are looking for guidance to get started.

Eben Pagan is considered to be one of the foremost gurus in the world of online marketing. He has created a great product which can help people of all levels of experience to make money online.

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